Nåtö biological station

Nåtö biological station

In cooperation with the Parliament of Åland, the Society runs a biological station in Lemland, Åland, about 6 km south of Mariehamn. The Nåtö station welcomes researchers during the field season. Nåtö is well suited as a base camp for field research and can accommodate about 12 persons at a time. There is access to a boat. The rules of the station are found here.

Nåtö biologiska station/E. Haeggström

Contact information:
David Abrahamsson, MSc
Phone: +358 4573453247
E-mail: natobiologiska(at)gmail.com

Dr. Ralf Carlsson, PhD (president of the board)
E-mail: ralf.carlsson(at)aland.net

Nåtö biologiska station, Järsövägen 375, 22100 MARIEHAMN
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